For the first time in four years, the weekend of June 11, 2016, I visited Fundy Camp. As an early 20th anniversary gift for Caroline (our anniversary is June 29th) I came with her to her cabin, and did repairs. Saturday morning I woke early and this is what I feel the Lord showed me.

A cloud of God's Presence is hovering low over Fundy Camp. I could see the cloud the entire time we were there. This cloud contains enough anointing to fulfill her present purpose - to be a place of comfort and peace, with accents of joy; but not yet enough to fulfill her ultimate destiny. That will come in stages, as needed. The cloud will increase and intensify.

The Spirit of God is resting over the place, bringing rest to the People of God. Rest precedes and prepares for Restoration, and Restoration precedes and prepares for Revolution. The steady hand of leadership that is now on Fundy Camp is very much needed to secure what is present, maintain the victories won, and then walk in obedience to fulfill the unfolding will of God.

Rest - Cloud of Peace

The Body is weary. Rest rejuvenates. A rejuvenated Body can be restored to full health. One by one people will come and find much needed rest from the stress and strain of living in an ungodly culture. Peace will invade their entire being and bring healing to their mind, and spirit, and body. As God's Peace permeates to the core of their being, dreams and vision and calling will be gently renewed. God's weary people will leave refreshed, with new hope and restored vision, better able to live their lives
in peace and joy.

Restoration - Cloud of the Presence

After Rest comes Restoration. During the season of Restoration the cloud that is now over this place will be doubled. Those who walk with God and are sensitive to the things of the Spirit, will see and know when this is happening. It will be obvious from the level of anointing on the grounds and the Presence and Power manifest in the meetings.

This will be a time of deep and profound Inner Healing. The prevailing atmosphere of Peace will have made this a safe place for people to be open about the things that have hindered them. With each visit they will more and more experience the kind of healing and restoration that enables them to have clear vision and their person, their place, and their potential; they will become more and more who and what they really are, and their authentic self will emerge. The grave clothes of religion will be removed and they will walk free!

Revolution - Cloud of Power

Restoration prepares for Revolution. During the season of Revolution the cloud over Fundy Camp will be triple what it is now. The Presence and Power of God will be mightily manifest, lives will be revolutionized and, because of what they receive and what they become, Fundy people will then be used of God to revolutionize churches, and communities, and whole cities. Some will become Apostles to countries far flung, instigators of spiritual revolutions that will transform nations.

This will be a two stage Revolution. Stage one will be comparable to what the disciples experienced when they walked with Jesus. They were with Him as He performed signs and wonders and miracles. He then sent them out to do the same. People will come to Fundy, witness and participate in the miraculous. The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the lame will walk. The sick will come from far and wide, and leave healthy. Faith will be so present and so potent that creative miracles will be commonplace. Mighty, amazing, creative miracles. And the people of God will be so impacted that they will leave here and perform signs and wonders and mighty miracles wherever they go. Death sentences will be cancelled and those long imprisoned by affliction will be set free. People will simply carry what they receive here and share it everywhere. With each visit they will receive more, and go and share the more they have received.

In the second stage it will be like the day of Pentecost. The power was outpoured and the laws of the natural world were turned upside down. Fundy people will enter a realm of the supernatural and walk in that supernatural wherever they go, with dramatic results. Five Fold leaders will step into their proper place and experience a supernatural release as God's gift to His Body. The forces of darkness over churches, communities, cities and countries will stand back in fear and trembling as the Kingdom of God is declared, decreed and demonstrated in Apostolic power. A Revolution is the overthrow of a government by a more powerful force. The kingdom of darkness with all of it's various manifestations, will be overthrown by the Kingdom of Light.

Fundy Camp; a Prototype

This stage will be a power outflow blessed by, but not dependent upon, repeat visits to Fundy Camp. Instead, gifted Apostolic leaders will go forth with great power and anointing and authority that is now their own gift from God. Fundy Camp will be a prototype and some will establish other "power centers" in places of God's choosing.

Fundy Camp will have worldwide impact as men and women, boys and girls are sent forth to turn the world upside down. All to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.